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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our platform

Here you can read some common questions from the community to learn more about our product.

Just open the extension and click on a brand to be redirected to their site. Make a purchase as you usually do and receive the cryptoback within hours.

If you visit one of our partner’s sites, the extension will also notify you in a pop-up window to activate your rewards so you won’t miss any cryptoback.

Cryptoback is similar to cashback, but instead of receiving cash, you receive crypto.

No, this is not the final product yet because more features and partners will be added constantly. Please check roadmap for milestones. 

To stop leaving crypto on the table when you shop. You can automatically earn free crypto when you shop and save money with gift cards and other offers. You are only one-click away from enjoying the benefits.

THANX is a community-owned, low-supply, deflationary token with a buyback and burn mechanism that powers the ThanX Finance crypto-based reward & loyalty ecosystem. It can be staked for yield and higher rewarding benefits or redeemed for gift cards and discounts.

You can earn cryptoback at every online store listed in the extension.

Yes, ThanX is available globally. Also, you will be able to filter between countries based on brands’ availability so you will simply see where you can earn crypto when shopping online.

Usually within a few hours but it can take up to several days depending on our partners.

When you make a purchase, -depending on the partner- the cryptoback might first go to the pending state. This means your reward is on the way and it will be added to your balance, however, you cannot use it yet. This is common on travel sites (e.g. Booking, Travala) where you might receive the rewards only after your stay.

Currently, yes! However, later you may be able to earn other cryptocurrencies or stablecoins.

The cashback amount will always be calculated at the current exchange rate of our token.

So e.g. if you spend 100$ at a brand where we offer 10% cashback, we will give 10$ worth of ThanX tokens, based on the exchange rate at that time. If the price of our token is e.g. 0.001$, we will give you 10.000 tokens. Then, when the token price rises, it might be worth even more than the initial 10$.

Due to the fluctuation of the token price your USD balance will constantly change depending on the THANX token price. While we will do our best to boost the value of THANX tokens to grow the value of your balance, unfortunately, we cannot control global market conditions. However, we will do our best to bring value to the THANX ecosystem, thus maintaining and growing the token value.

Currently, you cannot! But you can buy THANX tokens on decentralized exchanges and swaps like justmoney.io Please see the list on the Token page where you can buy & sell THANX tokens.

The most secure way to store your tokens is in your own, secure web3 wallet so we recommend claiming your tokens occasionally. As for storing your tokens in our extension, although we are highly focused on security, we cannot guarantee there is no risk of a potential security breach. But we do everything to minimize any potential threats. In case this happens, we will do our best to resolve the issue with the community in mind.

As for now, we recommend to HODL. When we add more features you will be able to purchase gift cards or convert THANX tokens to any other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Also, we will introduce staking so you can receive attractive staking rewards.

In the beginning, you have to claim your tokens to receive them into your preferred wallet and be able to trade them. However, in 2023, we will integrate web3 wallets into the extension and you will receive THANX tokens instantly into your wallet.

When claiming your tokens you just need to provide a TRON wallet address capable of receiving TRC20 tokens. If you don’t have a wallet yet, we recommend setting up a TronLink or Klever wallet.

There is no upper limit to withdraw, however, in order to save on transaction fees there is a minimum withdrawal limit of 20$. This will be removed as soon as we implement web3 wallets on the platform.

Currently, we are building on TRON and created THANX as a customized TRC20 token. In 2023 we are planning to launch on other blockchains as well as and go multichain.

The cashback amount depends on the agreements we make with the partners. Obviously, we always aim to give back the highest possible cashback rate to our users.

Yes! Exclusively for the early adopters, we offer a high 10% bonus on the earned cashback amount which we credit every month to your balance automatically. Just by using our product early, you can earn more tokens through the cryptoback feature which is likely to appreciate in value over time.

As an early adopter, yes. The bonus will be credited to your balance based on your account balance by the first day of every month.

We will implement a wide range of gamification & rewarding activities, like staking tiers & badges, challenges & leaderboards, birthday gifts, daily videos, and even prize wheels over time. You will also be able to support a good cause by donating your THANX tokens.

In case you get a refund after you received your tokens, we will deduct that cryptoback amount from your next purchase(s).

Please note, that in case of inappropriate use (playing with refunds) we will restrict your account and will place a temporary ban on your account.

Although we cannot control global market conditions, in a nutshell, we designed a deflationary token to maintain the token value and by having continuous buybacks & token burns, increasing use-cases, a wide range of utility, and offering staking rewards.

We make money from the difference between the partners’ commission and the cashback amount we provide to you, plus from advertising revenue as brands can advertise themselves with promotions, video ads, etc. Also, we earn from the possible increasing exchange rate of THANX tokens.

Yes, we are constantly developing new features and will implement them over time. Please follow us on Twitter and Telegram for continuous updates.

If you have anything in mind, please reach out at hello@thanx.finance or via Telegram.